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"Thank you for all your work. Life is so much better than it was two years ago - like night and day." D.R. USA

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"Amazing results - way beyond imagination! Only 2 months and still working!!! Thank you."Folk Magic Spells

"I've studied magick for years and didn't realize a person such as Dusty existed. Our deepest thanks to him." Chris, UK

"I really enjoy my new life, these magic spells are so efficient. Thanks to you, I can now see the light and want to live life to the fullest!" V. Florent.

TestimonialsMagic spells that do exactly what they say they will!

Looking for an usual, unique housewarming gift or birthday present for a friend or loved one? We have the widest range of powerful magic spells, charms, talisman, healing tools, Power Stones and amulets. We do all the work and you receive a guaranteed magic spell that works!

Home GiftsHouse and Home Gifts

Hagg Stone Protect, neutralise and deflect evil and undesirable intruders from homes of all sizes. Also protects property within the house.

Magic Water Pebble Makes ordinary tap water taste great!

Health and Healing GiftsHealth and Healing Gifts

Universal Helpmate Healing Wand The powerful little Healing Tool that enables you to channel healing energy exactly where it's needed.

Eye Stone Designed to help relieve tension in the muscles that can cause eye strain. Keep by your computer or bed.

Money and Wealth Gifts

Pixie Pence Money Magnet One of the top ten magic spells from our Power Stones range and an ideal gift. Keep your Money Magnet in a purse, pocket or wallet.

Merlin Flipper Decision Helper When you're having trouble with a Yes or No answer, this very special stone disc from Merlin's Cave can help.

Career and Business Gifts

Protect your Business - Mann Stone Protect any size business and its property from evil and other undesirable intruders.

Travel Gifts

Car Security - Grimm Stone The ideal gift for the new car owner, the Grimm stone effectively neutralizes and deflects evil from vehicles.

Our Very Special Powerful Folk Magic Spells

Livewood Amulets "LA" super magic spells