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We're proud to provide a valuable service to thousands of people all over the world and our clients are often kind enough to offer their feedback. Here are some of their reviews and stories!

Thanks for your quest for better life spell and health wealth vigour spell. Our life is good and happy compare to before. Your money magnet is really money magnet - always with some money in account. Your spells are great. Thank you to you and dusty.

"The results are just amazing, way beyond your imagination! It's been only two months since I got the spells and it's still happening!"

"I ordered FM37 to pass all my exams and I passed that difficult exam. So therefore, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. Keep up the good work! Angel Blessings." Karina - Belgium See Learning Spells

"I was so surprised to have gotten past the first stage of an interview shortly after receiving the spelled shell. I was offered a job with the largest firm in Canada on Monday past. I beat out over 4-600+ applicants and never thought I had a chance after feeling like I did not do well for the 1st portion of the interview. This is the position I was hoping to get, but never thought I stood a real chance at getting it.I believe your spells helped to turn around my luck and I wanted to thank you. I look forward to purchasing more items from you in the future." See Career Spells

"P.S. after dusting off the Pixie pence money magnet on Monday and cleaning out my wallet with a lot of junk paper, I re-wrapped the Pixie pence around a $20 bill yesterday and today I received $300 unexpectedly and totally out of the blue!" PP Canada See Money Spells

"I recently stumbled upon your site while searching for faster ways to sell my home. I was intrigued by your services, so I ordered Spell #38 figuring I had nothing to lose. I kid you not when I tell you that within one week of receiving your shell, my home was under contract.(I can prove it with paperwork). I was amazed!" Stephen - UK See House & Home Spells

"I've had the Sell your Home spell for just two weeks and had an offer on my home this Monday. Once again, thank you so much. I have also recommended you to others and would most definitely approach you again for further help in the future." Susie

"I received the Happy Home kit yesterday and I just want to thank Dusty for literally changing my life. I moved in to a rented house 4 months ago and having been living a nightmare since then. Three water leaks including one major flood, huge heating bills as it has been impossible to get the house to feel warm and the property management company could not be more unhelpful. What has been worst is how I have felt here - my brain in a fog just cannot think straight, no motivation to do anything, so tired all the time it was like I was suffering from ME. However yesterday, within hours of my placing the cure in the house, it was like a switch went on in my head - I could think clearly, motivation back and lots of energy. I feel like me for the first time in months. Plus got an email from the property management company today to say a problem in the house that I first reported six weeks ago and have been chasing them since to try to get repaired, will be done next Wednesday. So happy with the results of the Happy Home kit that I have just placed an order for some other spells can't wait to see the results of those!" EH, Scotland

"I've started out my new small business, and I spent so much time and all the money I had to build my website, flyers, cards, and all the promotional materials. And no response at all for 2 months... I was frustrated, so I decided to depend on the power of your spells. First, my thought was like, "well ... SPELLS. It doesn't sound that may be against my religion.......". But I noticed that a lot of people experienced miracles and appreciated them, and as I read your explanations, this was actually a special "blessing" taylor-made by the special people, and this was nothing negative. Rather, this is a powerful positive "blessing" to make yourself to make it happen."

"Now, the results are just amazing. I've got a money-magnet pebble, and you are right, miraculously I'm always loaded with some kind of money. Before I got it, I was always broke!! But as soon as I've got the pebble, I started getting more gigs (music) for the fast cash. And As soon as I received the business-venture-success-spell, I started getting a bunch of phone calls and emails for the business, and it's still expanding!"

"Well, I just wanted to thank you for your amazing spell to help me to be where I am now. If I had the same power like you, I would do the same to share the beauty of prosperity with others. You are truly amazing!!!! Thank you again, and i'll buy more for myself and family!!" V.A. Atlanta, GA USA. See Business Spells

"Hello Alan, sorry to bug you but I just gotta tell you that this spell is working overtime. Check what has happened in just one full week: *2 job prospects, *A money angle on a lawsuit, *was overpaid on a job I did today...and was at the right place and the right time to get the job done, *2 requests for my repair services today ( I haven't advertised in so long) and finally, I have been feeling this energy about me that kindly 'pushes' me to do the things that I want to get done anyway (another money project). It like being in some kind of flow where I am doing and saying all the right things without the usual blockage .... amazing! I just want to thank you...this is so fun to see things attract to you... does wonders for my self esteem and confidence that all will be well. Really! Thank you..." H Billingsea. U.S.A.

"Thank you so much for all your work. My life is so much better than it was two years ago. It is like night and day." D.R. USA.

"Dear Alan, a few months ago i ordered spells 47,77 and 85. At the time i asked for a spell regarding job promotion but no position was available. 2 weeks ago out of the blue a new post was created. I applied for this post and was told last week i had gained promotion. So like your spell said, I've obtained success as an employee and increased my income with a pay rise. I have also gained some extra funds via my mortgage thus acquiring wealth. The spells could not have been more spot on and i will definitely be ordering some more!!! Many thanx again and keep up the good work"!!! AH, UK See our 3 in 1 Spells

"I am very pleased with the results so far.. and it has only been about a week"!!!! I can tell it is a start to a new beginning I am very excited !!!." Katrina Las Vegas

"Christopher passed his exams with success. My legal matter was settled also with success. I really thank you for your help".- Genevieve - Paris, France Learning Spells

"I really enjoy my new life, these spells are so efficient. Thanks to you I can now see the light and want to live life to the fullest. I am pleased to tell you that things are looking good since I have received the different spells." V. Florent. UK

"They are wonderful."- J. C. Flemming - USA

"Your spells to sell and find my home were terrific! Within one week of receiving the spells, we had an offer made on our house and found and made an offer on our ideal home. Absolutely unbelievable! I cant wait to try the rest of the spells out." S. El Charif. UK

"I know that you are a very honourable, conscientious and kind person. I have a deep respect for you and the Dusty Miller family. The quality and care in your work is very evident in the results achieved. I also appreciate you taking the time to assist me, and you thoughtfulness is genuine and is accepted with gratitude. Thank you." Jonathon USA.

"I feel that I must thank you for your prompt attention and intuitiveness, the money I paid for the magic spells to come into my life wasn't nearly enough." Richard in New York

"I just wanted to let you know that I received in March my spells for good fortune (78), finding a new job (113), and success in general (5). And a pixie pence money magnet."

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