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Tools for healing, psychic protection, magickal use, grounding, talking sticks, walking sticks, magickal staffs and wands.

Unique handcrafted pieces of Livewood donated by the ancient trees and their Dryads with a living entity inside; a clone of a wild dryad or tree spirit. Dusty shapes the Livewood into the the exact form that the dryad asks and so lends a hand to the dryad in shaping its own home. About Livewood

Universal Help Mate Healing Wand

The Universal HelpMate brings your hidden abilities out of the dark recesses of your subconscious and channels this marvelous healing energy to exactly where it is needed. You just need to be willing to give it a try. It works irrespective of your religious affiliations and is compatible with your own religious beliefs and the Divinity of your Higher Self. Although the results could be classed as magical or even miraculous, belief in magic is not required; just an honest desire to help others. You will in fact be helping them heal themselves, so they benefit in a way that is best for them in the long term.

Known affectionately by our clients as their "little friend", the healing wand owes much of its popularity to the fact that it doesn't look like a wand but is actually a small wooden tool, donated by an incredibly ancient (over 2000 years old) tree. This very sacred English Yew tree is growing wild in a natural Power centre on a hill in an undisturbed corner of Kent, the Garden of England. It is one of a group of trees that were there during the last ice age, long before Britain became an island.

Resident within this wand is a Nature Spirit, known as a Tree Dryad, who has not only expressed a desire to be involved in healing work, but has already undertaken extensive training in the subject. This means that it will work directly with your higher self, so don't be surprised to find it guiding you via your intuition. For best results, just follow its suggestions and with practice, you will find that your Universal HelpMate is useful for all sorts of Intuitive Healing, as well as Shiatsu, G-Jo, Acupressure and Reflexology. It is also ideal for Meridian Stimulation, Chakra Invigoration and many other methods of Energy Balancing, including Reiki and the application of Universal Healing Energy.

For healing purposes, the pointed end produces a deep probing beam of healing energy about 1mm wide, ideal for deep-seated problems such as those found in joints and internal organs such as the heart, lungs, brain etc. The blunt round end produces a soft diffused glow of healing energy, ideal for warming up and activating strained, tense, torn or aching muscles, ligaments etc.

Due to their highly individual nature, each Healing Wand has its own particular shape, although they all average between 4 and 5 inches (8 to 12cm) in length. Naturally, the number of Healing Wands available are limited, so order yours now to avoid disappointment.

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