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"Amazing results - way beyond imagination! Only 2 months and still working!!! Thank you."Testimonials

"I've studied magick for years and didn't realize a person such as Dusty existed. Our deepest thanks to him." Chris, UK

"I really enjoy my new life, these magic spells are so efficient. Thanks to you, I can now see the light and want to live life to the fullest!" V. Florent.

Folk Magic Spells

"Even in this market, I sold my home within a week of receiving the spell. AMAZING!!!."

FM38 Sell your Home

"Thank you so much for all your work. Life is so much better than it was two years ago - like night and day." D.R. USA

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blue cross saleMagic Spells Sale

All of our items are made by hand and, in most cases, made to order. Sometimes after they have been cast, customers change their minds about the spell numbers they wish to order and we are therefore able to offer these pre-made spell combinations at a much reduced price.

Please note: these are one-time only magic spell combinations and once gone, cannot be offered again at the reduced price.

Unfortunately we do not offer our usual one year money back guarantee on sale items.


2 in 1 Sale Combinations - was £50 now £30!

  • FM07+FM58 sold Improve your sex drive and self image
  • FM23+FM31 sold overcome problems and pass all your exams
  • FM75+FM82 sold Business success and increased income
  • FM60+FM77 sold Attract wealth and find new lover
  • FM31+FM34 sold pass all your exams and gain specialist knowledge
  • FM74+FM76 sold Increase money making and prosperity
  • FM51+FM47 sold Overcome illness and acquire health, wealth and vigour
  • FM39+FM10 sold Find a new home and bring things to pass
  • FM56+FM11sold Find a better job and become a great lover
  • FM44+FM10sold Keep evil at bay and overcome illness

3 in 1 Sale Combinations - was £65 now £45!

  • FM1+FM47+FM101 sold gain honour, health, wealth and vigour and become an absent healer
  • FM15+FM33+FM47 sold more personal power, health, wealth, vigour and increase power to learn
  • FM02+FM54+FM72 sold win friends, achieve more in your love life, keep safe whilst flying
  • FM03+FM38+FM83 sold Successfully sell your house and win success
  • FM77+FM76+FM15 sold Gain more personal power, increase income and attract wealth
  • FM03+FM57+FM62 soldOvercome shyness, win love and success
  • FM02+FM04+FM57 soldWin love, friends and success in a new venture
  • FM47+FM84+FM88 sold gain health, wealth, vigour and success in selling
  • FM30+FM46+FM83 sold Pass exams, with good health and achieve success
  • FM47+FM77+FM83 sold Attract wealth and success, with health, wealth and vigour
  • FM47+FM59+FM88 sold acquire health, wealth and vigour, gain success in love and selling
  • FM44+FM51 + 107 sold keep evil at bay, overcome illness and gain justice
  • FM 47+57+85 + 77 sold 4 in 1 for business success, wealth, health and vigour, and win love.

Livewood Amulets - was £65 now £36! What is Livewood?

Our Sale Livewood Amulets are without the usual ribbon attached and like most our amulets, can easily be put onto your own chain or necklace. The packaging may have some slight cosmetic blemishes but this in no way affects the quality or effectiveness of the amulet.

  • St James Pilgrim Shell Special amulet for safe travel on your journeys. Will also keep you safe and sound on your path-workings or meditations.

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