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Our Folk Magic charms can be impregnated with up to 3 "FM" spells. Order more than one FM spell and you will automatically receive a discount:

You just have to wear your charm (or keep it close) and the results can be priceless!


Just to say how totally amazing and what a beautiful experience using the healing wand has been. One of the most beneficial things I have experienced in my life! CK, UK

Our happy client testimonials...

Magic Spell Power StonesPower Stone

Developed over the centuries, Power Stones do exactly what they say they will and come with a money back guarantee. Although some are crystalline in structure, Power Stones are formed from dead, sea-worn stones that died naturally many years ago and should not be confused with Live Crystal that has its own consciousness and not at all interested in acting as host to a human spell. Power Stones are natural products and sizes may vary.

Pixie Pence Money Magnet

One of our top ten magic spells, these very unusual Power Stones are made from formless Instant Crystals retrieved after a meteor-shower. Due to the fact that they have a 'reverse' crystalline structure, they are the ideal host for a money spell and are very effective. Just keep it in your purse or wallet.

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Relief for Tired Eyes - Eye Stone

Eye Stones like this have been used to relax and ease tired eyes since time immemorial and is designed to help relieve tension in the muscles that can cause eye strain. Keep by your computer or bed.

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magic pebbleDusty Miller's Magic Water Pebble

Quite often crystals are used to cleanse water but Dusty's very unique, sea worn little Magic Pebble can simply be placed in your water supply (i.e. water tank, a jug or bottle) and within seconds will have a profound effect on the water, making it taste great!

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Protective Power Stones

For many centuries, special stones have been impregnated with a powerful spell or thought-form and used by country people to protect their property. Inscribed with protective Runes (the ancient mystical symbols of the old Religion), they effectively neutralise and deflect evil and other undesirable intruders from the immediate environment and so are of benefit to everyone within their locality, (not just specific individuals as with our Folk Magic spells).

Business Protection - Mann Stone

This power stone effectively neutralises and deflects evil and undesirable intruders from offices and shops, workshops, factories, farms and business premises of all types and sizes. For best effect, your Mann Stone should be placed as near as possible to the most senior member of staff in the building and can be hidden in a drawer or cupboard.

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Car Security - Grimm Stone

For countless centuries, Grimm Stones were used attached to carts and wagons in the British Isles as a traditional Folk Magic charm to keep the occupants of the vehicle safe and free from evil. Nowadays, we find they work just as well on cars, trucks, motor-homes and caravans. Attach using the ribbon provided to your dashboard or if you don't want it on display, simply place under the seat.

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Boat Protection - Gamm Stone

In the olden days, Gamm Stones like this were used extensively by the Vikings in their Longboats and although times have changed, we find them very useful for protecting the passengers and crew of everything from small house boats to yachts, sailing ships, ferries, even battleships and cruise liners. Provided on a ribbon to hang inside the vessel.

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Friendship and Love Power Stones

The following Power Stones have been especially designed and programmed to change the environment in their immediate locality and are so effective, they should be used with caution.

Fertility Power Stone

A formless (amorphous) flint crystal with its highly erotic feel has been impregnated with a very potent spell to turn it into a very efficient Fertility charm for ladies. It helps to increase your biotic potential and fecundity without any undue side-effects and has the effect of leaving both partners somewhat breathless to put it mildly. For best effects, keep beside your bed.

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Virility Love Spell for Him

Another very powerful love spell and power stone, utilising a formless flint, with a highly erotic shape, is this little virility charm for men. For many centuries it has been known affectionately as 'Old Nick's Finger' and has the effect of leaving both partners 'somewhat breathless' to put it mildly.

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Platonic Love Spell - Freya Power Stone

A powerful friendship/platonic spell to neutralise erotic thoughts and encourage anyone within its sphere to view others as interesting human beings, rather than just sex objects. Any relationship carried on within the room will automatically gravitate to a Platonic Love, without feeling that the absence of sexual love is depleting the relationship. For those who want loving friends, not lovers.

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