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"I'm very pleased with the results so far.. And it has only been about a week"!!!! I can tell it is a start to a new beginning and am very excited" !!!.

Our happy client testimonials...

Negative Energy Shield

Our extremely popular Negative Energy Shield renders you invincible to all forms of Psychic Attack, giving full defence without you feeling a thing. By reflecting the energy back to the sender, your assailant soon realises they are hurting no-one but themselves and so they stop. It wards off the stress and strain that leads to anxiety and nervous tension and allows you to get on with life and enjoy your freedom.

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Very Special Power Stones

Power Stones are specially programmed magic spells that affect the immediate environment and so are of benefit to everyone within their locality, (not just a specific individual as with our FM spells). Power Stones are natural products and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Business Protection - Mann Stone

Protect your business with our Mann Stone which effectively neutralises and deflects evil and other undesirable intruders from offices and shops, workshops and factories, farms and business premises of all types and sizes. Keeps your property safe and sound, and free from evil.

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Boat Security - Gamm Stone

Keeps your property, as well as the crew and passenger on board safe and sound, and free from evil. For boats and ships of all sizes from dinghys to cabin cruisers, yacht's and liners, in fact, anything that floats. Can also be used when travelling and is provided on a short ribbon to enable you to hang your stone in a suitable place.

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