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"I must thank you for your prompt attention and intuitiveness. The money I paid for the magic spells to come into my life wasn't nearly enough" Richard, New York

Love and relationship magic spells that do exactly what they say they will!

love spells to help you improve every aspect of your love life. We make the spells for you (no magic spell kits) so we know they work before you receive them. Once you receive your charm, all you have to do is wear it (or keep it close).


Very Special Power Stones

Specially designed and programmed with magic spells to change the environment in their immediate locality and are so effective, they should be used with caution. *Power Stones are natural products and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Fertility Love Spell for Her

This formless (amorphous) flint crystal with it's highly erotic feel, is impregnated with a very potent spell for ladies. It has the effect of making your body more sensitive and your mind more relaxed, enabling you to become more adventurous in your love making, enhancing your libido and increasing your chances of conception.

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Virility Love Spell for Him

Another very powerful love spell and power stone, utilising a formless flint, with a highly erotic shape, is this little virility charm for men. For many centuries it has been known affectionately as 'Old Nick's Finger' and has the effect of leaving both partners 'somewhat breathless' to put it mildly.

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Platonic Love Spell - Freya Power Stone

A powerful friendship/platonic spell to neutralise erotic thoughts and encourage anyone within its sphere to view others as interesting human beings, rather than just sex objects. Any relationship carried on within the room will automatically gravitate to a Platonic Love, without feeling that the absence of sexual love is depleting the relationship. For those who want loving friends, not lovers.

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