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Just to say how totally amazing and what a beautiful experience using the healing wand has been. One of the most beneficial things I have experienced in my life! CK, UK

Our happy client testimonials...

Health and Healing magic spells that do exactly what they say they will!

Health and Healing spells to help every aspect of your life. We make the spells for you (no magic spell kits) so we know they work before you receive them. So if you would like to get some real magic in your life, please select from the list below.

Very Special Power Stones

Power Stones are specially programmed magic spells that affect the immediate environment and so are of benefit to everyone within their locality, (not just a specific individual as with our FM spells). Power Stones are natural products and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

magic pebbleDusty's Magic Water Pebble

Quite often, crystals are used to cleanse water but Dusty's very unique, sea worn little Magic Pebble can simply be placed in your water supply (i.e. water tank, a jug or bottle) and within seconds will have a profound effect on the water, making it taste great!

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Heal Tired Eyes - Eye Stone

Eye Stones like this have been used to relax and heal tired eyes since time immemorial and is designed to help relieve tension in the muscles that can cause eye strain. Keep by your computer or your bed.

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