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The Dusty Millers are an ancient Elfin tribe that have been in the ShaMan business for centuries. Over the years they have made countless people very special items, many of whom have become leaders in their field of endeavour. The Dusties themselves are world famous for their work with 'LiveWood.' Read more about LiveWood. For many centuries, the Dusty Millers have helped people with Programmed Thought-Forms, known as "blessings" or "Magic Spells". The results were so good that the Dusty Millers went on to expand their repertoire and now have more fully guaranteed magic spells than any other group.

During the years before joining the Web, they gained clients in over 35 different countries, including Princesses, politicians, a couple of TV Moguls, numerous actors, actresses, script writers, playwrights, an opera singer, many musicians, pop stars, doctors, dentists, physicians, physiotherapists, and many alternative healers, teachers, students, entrepreneurs, managers, department heads, stock brokers, accountants, artists, librarians, researchers, and thousands of ordinary people determined to make the best of themselves.

So in view of how many people we have helped, why have never heard of us? Well, in the words of a great French philosopher, "I have been desired to do good, but I have not desired to make noise, because I felt that noise did no good, and that good needs no noise." Louise Claude de Saint-Martin, 17th century philosopher.

Other than this website we don't tell people about the work we do. We are totally discreet and rely on "word of mouth" from our many happy clients like those on our reviews page to spread the word for us. We believe that those who need our help will come when they are ready. If you are serious about dealing with your problem and would like our help, have a look through our Spell Lists and choose the most suitable spell. In no time at all, your situation can change for the better. But, if you need more convincing, let us clear up any misconceptions, beginning with the difference between magic and illusion...

Magic Vs Illusion

Magic has existed since time immemorial, but many people confuse magic with illusion. The Oxford English Dictionary, the foremost authority on current English, defines magic as: "an inexplicable or remarkable influence producing surprising results". So magic is essentially something that works, but the general population does not know how. Illusion, on the other hand, is defined as "the action of deceiving, the state or fact of being intellectually deceived or misled". There are a myriad of what are deemed "magicians" by the general public, but who state professionally that they are illusionists and as such work in the entertainment field. We are not illusionists. We produce real magic spells to help any and all, achieve the most from their lives and is why we unconditionally guarantee our products.


All our items are individually and painstakingly handcrafted and of course, completely unique. Whatever you need in life, we're sure you will find something amongst our Folk Magic Spells, Amulets, Special Talisman, Power Stones or Healing Tools. And rest assured; we offer a totally discreet service and your items are sent to you in plain packaging. Please also be aware that as your items are hand-crafted, some orders may take up to 28 days for delivery.

Wyrdwood - The Story of Dusty Miller by M Kelly

Wyrdwood - Dusty MillerDid you know that there is a simply brilliant book about Dusty, his wonderful history and relationship with the Ancient Tree Spirits. Written by Michael Kelly, " WyrdWood, The Story of Dusty Miller" is a great read, which includes many ancestral tales of Britain before the Celts and insights into Leylines and megalithic stones. Here's what an independent critic says about it:

"Books on Real Magick by One Who Knows are as rare as hen's teeth. This biography is about an ancient Shaman, who is in the top 5% of the World, and one of the very, very few, who can guarantee their work. Unlike others, he is descended from a prehistoric tribe, and can still remember the skills of his forefathers. Not only that, he has updated the 'old ways' to be of use in the 21st century. All in all, a very good and informative book, that gives you a new view on life". Waldo Greenshaw.

Wyrdwood - The Story of Dusty Miller can be obtained from Amazon United States or UK