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Magic spells that do exactly what they say they Magic Spellswill!

Magic spells specially made for you by Dusty Miller. We do all the work for you and know the spell works before you buy. Choose your very own spell and receive a guaranteed magic spell that works - or your money back!

"The results are just amazing, way beyond imagination!!!! It has been only two months since I received the magic spells and the effects are still working!!! Thank you" More

"I've studied magick for years and didn't realize a person such as Dusty existed.  You must express our deepest thanks to him". Chris - UK

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Our guaranteed magic spells to help improve health, relationships, wealth, career, love and more. We offer the widest range of the most powerful magic spells on the Internet and are world famous for our magic spells, magic charms, talismans and amulets

About Us
magic spells that workFor many centuries, the Dusty Millers have helped people by producing Programmed Thought-Forms, known as "blessings" or 'Magic Spells'. The results were so good that the Dusty Millers went on to expand their repertoire and now have more fully guaranteed magic spells than any other group.

To receive your own unique and very special Magick Charm, read through the various spell lists and choose the most appropriate Magic Spells. When you order, tell us the code number or name of the spells you require. Your magic spells are then individually crafted for you, cast into natural materials and posted to you. All you have to do is wear the spell on the ribbon provided or your own chain, or keep it close to you in a pocket or purse.

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Complete list of Magic Spells

world wide cleintele

Our Money-Back Guarantee
We sell our spells worldwide and are one of just a handful of specialists that actually guarantee magic spells.We are in the business of helping people, not issuing refunds; with us it's results that count! Therefore, if you are not completely satisfied with your spells, we give you your money back! Terms and Conditions Apply Should you need scientific proof that our magic spells work, we have some "Kirillian" photographs taken "before" and "after" spellcasting.

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Phone Callwith your credit or debit card.Secure online facilities handled by Protx.
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Offices open
10am to 6pm GMT Monday to Friday only.

PayPalSecure online facilities, through Just choose your magic spell and click on the "add to cart" button.

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Complete list of Magic Spells

Love Spells

What does it do? Click on a link for a description and to order.
big love spells image Love spell 54 Achieve more success in your Love Life

Love spell 55 Become more Passionate and Responsive

Love spell 56 Become a better lover spell

Love spell 57 Win Love

Love spell 58 Improve your Sexual Drive

Love spell 59 Gain Success in Love

Love spell 60 Find a New Lover

Love spell 61 Achieve Domestic Harmony

Love spell 62 Overcome your Shyness

Power Stone Love Spells
The following spells work in specific locations. Just place them discreetly in any room and enjoy the effects.

THE FERTILITY love spell

CAVE OF DELIGHT love spell




Love spells FOR HIM - THE VIRILITY spell

Wealth and Money Spells

money flowing in Pixie Pence Money Magnets

Wealth spell 73 Improve Financial Skill

Wealth spell 74 Increase your Moneymaking Skills

Wealth spell 75 Increase your Income

Wealth spell 76 For increased Prosperity

Wealth spell 77 Attract Wealth

Wealth spell 78 Attract Good Fortune

Wealth spell 79 Make your Money go Further

Wealth spell 80 Cope with Less Income

Wealth spell 81 Prevent Loss and Attract Wealth

Health and Healing Spells

Health spell 46 Win Health

Health spell 47 Acquire Health, Wealth & Vigour

Health spell 48 Long Term Illness

Health spell 49 Ward of Sickness magic spell

Health spell 50 Protection from Illness

Health spell 51 Overcome an Illness

Health spell 52 Get Well Again

Health spell 53 Get Back on your Feet

More Health and Healing Spells

big health spells image

Self Help Spells

self help spells image

Wicca spell 1 Gain honour

Wicca spell 2 Gain Friends

Wicca spell 3  Win Success!

Wicca spell 4 Win Success in a New Venture

Wicca spell 5
For Success (in General)

Wicca spell 6
Find More Courage

Wicca spell 7
Improve Your Self-Image

Wicca spell 8 More Intuition

Wicca spell 9 More Intellect

Wicca spell 10
Greater Awareness

Wicca spell 11
Improved Mind Power

Wicca spell 12 More Self-Control

Wicca spell 13
More Physical Strength

Wicca spell 14
Find Your Inner Peace

Wicca spell 15 More Personal Power

Wicca spell 18 Keep Calm Under Pressure

Wicca spell 21 Become More Dynamic

Wicca spell 22 Overcome Your Worries

Wicca spell 25 Avoid Unseen Dangers

Wicca spell 28 Find Help when you need it

Wicca spell 16


Relax and Meditate

Wicca spell 19
Better Relaxation

Wicca spell 23
Overcome Your Problems

Wicca spell 26
Achieve Harmony with Fellow Workers

Wicca spell 17
Better Concentration

Wicca spell 20 More Tranquility

Wicca spell 24 Maintain Self-Control under Stress

Wicca spell 27
Keep Things from constantly going wrong

Learning Spells

big learning spells image Learning spell 29
Pass practical exams

Learning spell 30
Pass Theory Examinations

Learning spell 31
Pass all your Exams

Learning spell 32
Improve your Ability to Learn

Learning spell 33
Improve your Power to Learn

Learning spell 34
Help you to Acquire Specialist Knowledge

Learning spell 35 Help you to Become a Leader

Learning spell 36
Confidence in Public Speaking

Learning spell 37
Improve your Creative Writing

Spells for Better Work and Business

Success spell 82
Promote Business Success

Success spell 83
Achieve Success

Success spell 84
Become Successful

Success spell 85
Success in Business as an Employee

Success spell 86
Success in Business as someone in Charge

Success spell 87

Success in a New Venture

Success spell 88
Success in Selling

Success spell 89
Improve your Ability to Sell

Success spell 90
Get Good Ideas

Success spell 91
Develop your Management Skills

Success spell 92
Become more Efficient and Effective

Success spell 93
Develop Special Skills

Success spell 94
Skill at Special Tasks

Success spell 95
Acquire Specialist Knowledge

Success spell 96
Gain More Power

Success spell 97
Avoid Hidden Dangers

Spell 98 Cope with Stress

Success spell 99
Cope With more Responsibility

success spells image

Travel Spells

big travel spells image

Travel spell 63
Hazard-Free Travel

Travel spell 64 Protection on Hazardous Journeys

Travel spell 65
Take the 'Jinx' out of Travelling

Travel spell 66
Protection Whilst Travelling

Travel spell 67
To Keep you Safe and Sound

Travel spell 68
To Keep your Car Safe

Travel spell 69
To Keep your Boat Safe

Travel spell 70
To Keep You Safe at Sea

Travel spell 71
To Keep you Safe on Land

Travel spell 72 To Keep you Safe whilst Flying


Special Magic Spells

big speical magic spells image Spell 101 To Send 'Absent Healing'

Spell 102 Help for The long-term Unemployed

Spell 103 Help for the Defeated

Spell 104 Bring Things to Pass

Spell 105 Find Answers to Your Problems

Spell 106 For Political Success

Spell 107 For Those Seeking Justice

Spell 100 Improve your Circumstances

Magic Spells for the Home

Protective Magic Spells

Magic spell 38 Sell your House

Magic spell 39 Find a new Home

Magic spell 40 Find a new Place to Live



Magic spell 41 Protection from the Evil Eye

Magic spell 42 Ward off Evil

Magic spell 43 Protect from night Terrors

Magic spell 44 Keep Evil at Bay

Magic spell 45 Keep you safe on the Battlefield

Plus many more magic spells and gifts

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